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Dom International ltd. is an international property investment company with its head-office based in London and its branch offices in Moscow and Kiev. We specialise in selling high quality holiday homes from around the world.
By optimising our costs, DOM-International ltd. offers our customers properties at prices, usually reserved for developers, without taking an additional fee for our services (typically between 5-10% of the value of the property). We work in accordance with European standards and only with reputable construction companies. Foreign properties are a profitable investment.

Dom International ltd. offers its customers a large selection of holiday homes for purchase in Italy, Cyprus, Cape Verde and the UK. These range from apartments and houses to townhouses and villas. We can help you procure 5* properties in residential areas as well as those sold off-plan.

We constantly update our database so you can find properties for every taste and budget, for example, studio apartments and luxury villas by the seaside. Our current most popular and attractive investment opportunities are in Calabria - a unique and little-known area in the very south of Italy.

Another interesting investment opportunity is Cape Verde, a beautiful island close to Europe. This destination is new for the inhabitants of the CIS, but very popular in Western Europe.

We can help you obtain properties in popular areas of Europe through a Fractional investment scheme. Under this program you can reduce the purchase cost by up to 4 times.
Dom International ltd. provides visa support for its customers, as well as organising a complimentary visit tour. *

We can help you obtain a mortgage from European banks, advise on purchase procedures overseas, immigration issues as well as helping you obtain residence permits for the EU countries. We guarantee full legal support throughout transactions and assistance in adapting to local conditions.

Investing in overseas properties helps build a secure future for your family!

* Offer is valid only if you make a purchase.

Cape Verde Property

Cape Verde – the new global property and holiday hotspot

Cape Verde is widely recognised among international developers as the new global property and holiday hotspot, and a star investment opportunity.

An enchanting archipelago of ten tropical islands, each with its own individual character and charm, Cape Verde lies in the Atlantic Ocean 450km west of Senegal on the African coast, and 1000km south of the Canary Islands.

Beautiful white sandy beaches. Stunning scenery. An unspoilt, pristine environment. Fascinating local restaurants. Year-round sunshine. A dry, temperate climate of between 22-30ºC that’s even more consistent than the Canaries. Cape Verde has it all.

Even better, it’s just five and a half hours by direct flight from the UK, and only one hour behind GMT. So it’s not surprising that Cape Verde is fast becoming the Caribbean for Europe – minus the jet lag.

The local government of the Republic of Cape Verde is very supportive of foreign investment, and is assisting a rapidly developing tourist industry. The local currency – the Cape Verde Escudo (CVE) – also provides the stability of being fixed to the Euro.

So with fast and convenient access, and all the attractions of a unique tropical paradise, Cape Verde offers unparalleled potential as an investment opportunity for growth, rental or resale.

Apartment Type Ma & Mb

Cape Verde Property / Dunas Beach Resort / Apartment Type Ma & Mb

Realty type:

Price: from € 124 950
Apartment Type B

Cape Verde Property / Dunas Beach Resort / Apartment Type B

Realty type:

Price: from € 199 950
Apartments Type Ka

Cape Verde Property / Dunas Beach Resort / Apartments Type Ka

Realty type:

Price: from € 149 950

Property in Cyprus

In the international real estate market, Cyprus has gained quite a favor despite being a relatively new entrant in the EU. This is because Cyprus boasts of quite a robust economy and a stable currency. Besides, the property market in Cyprus is one of the fastest growing in Europe and is also secure enough to ensure that when you invest here, your hard-earned money doesn’t go down the drains.

Cyprus has caught the attention of the world at large with its luring regime of fairly low income and commercial taxes, moderately low inflation figures and a standard of living that is one of the highest in Europe. This means that having a property here doesn’t involve much of a pinch on your pockets and on top of that, you can expect quite a handsome rental from it.

Cyprus is a good option to explore when you are thinking in terms of buying a property. And it would definitely do you ample good if you follow some simple tips.

Complex Stalida

Property in Cyprus / Residential complex Stalida / Complex Stalida

Realty type:
Residential Complex

Price: from €172 053
Electra Sun Complex type С

Property in Cyprus / Electra Sun Complex / Electra Sun Complex type С

Realty type:

Price: from € 615 000
Electra Sun Complex type B

Property in Cyprus / Electra Sun Complex / Electra Sun Complex type B

Realty type:

Price: from € 615 000

Property in Italy

Calabria, the southernmost province of Italy is surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas.

Across the Ionian Sea lies Sicily and beyond it the East Coast of Tunisia on the middle East: to the West the Mediterranean stretches from the Straits of Messina to the Straits of Gibraltar.

In the north of the region lies the stunning high mountain region, with an alpine landscape with excellent skiing, rich in forests and lakes where the wild boar still roam unhindered.

Around it are over 800 Km of the richest and most scenic coastlines that Italy possesses. There are many historical sites and temples Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Norman and Bourbon palazzos in the region, real testimony of a fascinating past as well as of a cultural vivacity.

When you start to build your dream at heart there's a single foundation: Location, location, location. Here just a couple of hours and a world away, is a place such as dreams are made of.

Miles of sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and a climate among the best in the world.

Villa Isca Marina

Property in Italy / Villa Isca Marina / Villa Isca Marina

Realty type:

Price: 300 000 €

Property in Italy / Girasole / Girasole

Realty type:
Residential Complex

Price: от €137 500
Capo vaticano apartments

Property in Italy / Capo vaticano apartments / Capo vaticano apartments

Realty type:

Price: from € 99 000
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